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The OrganWise Guys, Inc.

Contract Title:
Contract #:   AEPA IFB #024-C


Contract Term: March 1, 2024, through February 28, 2025, with an option for three additional one-year periods ending February 28, 2026, February 28, 2027, and February 29, 2028.

Products and Services: 

The OrganWise Guys Incorporated is dedicated to empowering children to be healthy and smart from the inside out. This unique, research-tested program includes The OrganWise Guys® characters that establish a connection point of engagement with children. Their curriculum-linked, peer-reviewed programming provides a prep-free solution for educators who want to improve their students’ health and academic performance using a robust, easy-to-use digital platform as well as physical resources.

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Please click below to schedule a short overview of the program and to discuss how this might fit into your programming!


Dr. Michelle Lombardo


Email: [email protected]

Link to Calendar 

Phone: (800)786-1730 Ext. 6


Karen McNamara

Vice President 

Email: [email protected]

Link to Calendar

Phone: (800)786-1730 Ext. 5




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