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Company Name: Total Technology 
Contract Title: Technology Buyback Service
Contract #: AEPA TexBuy RFP #023-E
Contract Term: March 1, 2023 - February 29, 2024 with the option to extend for three additional one year periods ending on February 29, 2025, February 28, 2026, and February 28, 2027.

Products and Services: Total Technology offering is unique because we buyback devices from TexBuy members.  
To ensure the maximum productivity of your team, keeping up with ever changing technology is crucial. The question then becomes: What do I do with my outdated tech devices? As you decide to retire your older technology such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, servers, and networking equipment, getting the maximum value for the devices is prudent. Ensuring any data on these devices are erased or destroyed is equally important. Finally, if any equipment needs to be recycled, making sure eWaste is handled according to environmentally acceptable standards is vital. All of these service components are interconnected. If you are looking for a partner to help make this process simple, you have come to the right place!

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Please email [email protected]
Contact Information:
John Schlegel
Director Of Business Development - Texas/Oklahoma
Ph: 310-418-0679




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