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Company Name: Norris Audio Video
Contract Title(s): Audio Video Products, Installation and Solutions Catalog
Contract #: TEXBUY RFP #021-010 
Contract Term: February 1, 2021 through January 31, 2022 with the option to extend for 36 additional months in 12-month increments through January 31, 2023, January 31, 2024 and January 31, 2025.
Products and Services: Norris Audio Video designs, sells, installs, and services pro audio, video, theatrical lighting and control systems, and their components. We provide training and consulting for existing systems too!
Our website is and the “SHOP” button will get you into our catalog. If what you are looking for is not there, give us a call. Most of the time, we can have what you need put into the catalog in a few minutes.

Ordering Instructions and Vendor Pricing: Please contact Norris AV for TexBuy Contract Pricing.

Vendor Contact Information:
Michael Norris
Ph: 806-351-0280 ext., 105
Fax: 806-353-8815
Email: [email protected]
Nathan Mustoe
Ph: 806-351-0280 ext., 101
Fax: 806-353-8815
Email: [email protected]


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