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Company Name: Just Right Reader
Contract Title(s): Instructional Material/Supplies/Equipment/Software 
Contract #: TEXBUY RFP #022-026 
Contract Term: September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2023 with the option to extend for 36 additional months in 12-month increments through August 31, 2024, August 31, 2025 and August 31, 2026.
Contract Title: School & Instructional Supplies 
Contract #: AEPA TexBuy IFB #023-D

Contract Term: March 1, 2023 - February 29, 2024 with the option to extend for three additional one year periods ending on February 28, 2025, February 28, 2026, and February 28, 2027. 

Products and Services: Just Right Reader connects students and families to culturally relevant texts that are beautifully illustrated, fun, and engaging! Our books are an excellent support to foundational reading programs because they use the Science of Reading. Our books allow students to experience equitable learning through culturally relevant, engaging texts, which induces love of reading and a feeling of belonging in a global society. The robust set of genres and titles offers inclusive learning opportunities to students through fictional and informational text, which is proven to be the best way for students to learn to read. We are dedicated to investing appropriately to meet the needs of school districts, such as urgency, a fluid working relationship, and fully customized orders to ensure students' success and return on investments for districts. By customizing each set of books to meet readers just where they are, students are successful in their literacy journey!
Our decodables meet the educational needs of readers at a pre-K through a second-grade level and emerging readers up to the fifth grade. Our phonics progression provides a continuum that places students appropriately within their reading range. No matter the child’s circumstances, they will be given decodables aligned with their current reading level. 
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Ordering Instructions:  Placing an order is easy! Order online at or send us a purchase order via email to [email protected] or fax (415) 480-8322. If you need help placing an order or would like to schedule a strategy call for your district or school please call (877) 415-READ.
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Email POs to: [email protected]

P: (415) 209-5869

Toll Free (877) 415-READ

Fax: (415) 480-8322


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#022-026 Instructional Materials/Supplies/Equipment/Software
 AEPA TexBuy IFB #023-D School & Instructional Supplies
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