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Quill Corporation

Company Name: Quill Corporation
Contract Title  Contract # 
Office Supplies         AEPA IFB #019-C 
School & Instructional Supplies   AEPA IFB #019-E

Contract Term:  March 1, 2019 through February 29, 2020, with the option to extend for three additional one year periods ending February 28, 2021, February 28, 2022, and February 28, 2023.

Products and Services: It's important to have a trusted partner who's always looking out for you.  That's why each and every day is dedicated to providing the best service
and savings possible to you, our customer.

Ordering Instructions:

If you are not a current customer, or would like to activate your account, please contact:

Samra Cejvan
Buying Group Manager
Phone: 847-876-4266
Email: [email protected]

Vendor Pricing: Contact Quill Corporation for more information.

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Office Supplies (019-C):
School & Instructional Supplies (019-E):
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