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Quill Corporation

Company Name: Quill Corporation
Contract Title: Office Supplies & Equipment 
Contract #: AEPA TexBuy IFB #023-C
Contract Title: School & Instructional Supplies 
Contract #: AEPA TexBuy IFB #023-D
Contract #: AEPA TexBuy IFB #023-C

Contract #: AEPA TexBuy IFB #023-D

Contract Term: March 1, 2023 - February 29, 2024 with the option to extend for three additional one year periods ending on February 28, 2025, February 28, 2026, and February 28, 2027.

Products and Services: It's important to have a trusted partner who's always looking out for you.  That's why each and every day is dedicated to providing the best service
and savings possible to you, our customer.

Ordering Instructions:

If you are not a current customer, or would like to activate your account, please contact:

Samra Cejvan
Strategic Partnership Manager
Phone: 847-876-5451
Email: [email protected]

Vendor Pricing: Contact Quill Corporation for more information.

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Bid and Response Documents:

Office Supplies & Equipment AEPA IFB #023-C 
School & Instructional Supplies 023-D
Federal Exclusion Search (S.A.M.): 
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