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Company Name:  Super Duper Publications
Contract Title(s): Instructional Material/Supplies/Equipment/Software
Contract #: TEXBUY RFP #022-026 
Contract Term: September 1, 2022 through August 31, 2023 with the option to extend for 36 additional months in 12-month increments through August 31, 2024, August 31, 2025 and August 31, 2026.
Products and Services:  Super Duper Publications creates, develops, publishes and sell PreK-12 educational  materials comprised of RTI programs, HearBuilder online software subscriptions, Super Duper Digital Library subscriptions, interactive software on CD-ROM, print books, educational games, card decks, magnetics, assessments, equipment and supplies. We have special emphasis on materials for children with special needs and language delays. However, our products are also used by English learners, language arts educators, 
general education teachers and parents.

Ordering Instructions:
Mail orders to:
Super Duper Inc., d/b/a Super Duper Publications
PO Box 24997 
Greenville, SC 29616
Email Purchase Orders to:
[email protected]

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Super Duper Inc., d/b/a Super Duper Publications

P.O. Box 24997
Phone: 800-277-8737
Fax: 800-978-7379

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Bid and Response Documents: #022-026 Instructional Material/Supplies/Equipment/Software
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