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Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting

Company Name:  Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting
Contract Title(s): E-Rate Consulting Services for School & Libraries

Contract #: AEPA 021.5-C

Contract Term: June 1, 2021 through May 31, 2022 with the option to extend for 36 additional months in 12-month increments through May 31, 2023, May 31, 2024 and May 31, 2025.

Products and Services:  Kellogg & Sovereign® Consulting (K&S) provides professional program management (E-rate) services for schools and libraries.  Clients range from rural schools and single site libraries to urban school districts, library systems and state-wide consortia.  Working with the USF programs since the inception of the E-Rate program in 1997, the dedicated professionals are qualified to assist with funding needs.  the Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting team works with schools and libraries to successfully apply for E-Rate discounts on advanced telecommunications and information services. 

Point of Contact info:

Jason Ramey
CEO - Dallas, Texas
Phone: 832-746-5370
Jason Coggins
Director of Markets & Growth - Norman, OK
Phone: 405-561-0221

Corporate Address:

3010 LBJ Freeway
Suite 1200, No.450
Dallas, TX 75234
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