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Diamond Business Services, Inc.

Company Name:  Diamond Business Services, Inc.


Contract Title:   State-Wide Office and Classroom Supplies and Equipment


Contract #: TEXBUY RFP #022-001


Contract Term:  July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023, with the option to extend for three (3) additional 12-month ending June 30, 2024, June 30, 2025, and June 30, 2026.

Products and Services:  Diamond Business Services is a proven industry leader in the identification, safety, and security market since 1982.  When you are responsible for keeping people, places, and things secure, we help you gain the confidence you need to make the right decisions for your specific needs.  We are a HUB vendor – Women Owned.


VISUAL SECURITY, we offer Photo ID Solutions.  Leading that offering is the BadgePass Identity Manager which allows users to import data from an existing data source (ex: student information system or HR database) into the BadgePass system. It streamlines the enrollment process by eliminating the need to manually enroll cardholder information and ensuring that the information in your system is continually up to date.  BadgePass also offers BadgePass ONE Cloud Based Software– The most flexible software in the industry, BadgePass is easily downloadable from the App store, making it compatible with most mobile devices, including phones and tablets, and eliminating costly and time-consuming software installation on your network.


PHYSICAL SECURITY –we offer Access control both on-prem and in-cloud.  This includes access via the latest technology: smart cards, mobile credentials, and more.  Video surveillance, fire safety, data security locks, and more.    We are proud to partner with evolve Threat Detection Systems which screens 4,000 ppl/hr — 10X faster than metal detectors — for a line-free experience. No stopping. No emptying pockets or removing bags.


LOGICAL SECURITY- Many organizations including K-12 Schools Still Lack Cloud Security - While the vast majority of K-12 schools use the cloud, many don’t have a cloud security platform in place to protect themselves.   Sectigo’s Certificate Manager can ensure that your SSL certificates stay current and provide you a means to automate the issuance, renewal, revocation, and reporting of all public and private certs.


Ordering Instructions:  Please contact Diamond Business representatives for pricing information.


Vendor Contact Information:
           Charlia Pence - President
Ph: 806-373-4148 | 800-749-9025  
           Cell: 806-676-4146
           Email: [email protected]
           Kent Melinsky - Sales Manager
Ph: 806-373-4148 | 800-749-9025  
           Email: [email protected]
           Alex McCann - Identity/Security Sales
           DFW Metro Area and South Texas:
Ph: 806-373-4148 x 121 | 800-749-9025 X 121
           Email: [email protected]

Vendor Website:  Diamond Business Services
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Bid and Response Documents: #022-001 State-Wide Office and Classroom Supplies and Equipment
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