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Company Name:  STOPit

Contract Title: Security & Safety Supplies, Equipment & Solutions

Contract #:  TEXBUY RFP #023-003


Contract Term:  April 1, 2023, through March 31, 2024 with an option to extend for three additional one-year periods ending March 31, 2025, March 31, 2026, and March 31, 2027.

Products and Services:

STOPit is a pioneer and leader in the field of Anonymous Reporting Systems (ARS) and Silent Panic Alert Systems (TEA SPAT Compliant) for education and units of state and local government. Our award-winning technologies have been proven effective in an early warning detection capacity for school safety threats, while also aiding at-risk students who may be in personal distress. Our program has expanded over the years, both with our customer base and product / service offerings. Today we support more than 7,600 schools and government agencies in nearly all states, representing more than 5 million total users.


Our journey in Texas began 6 years ago with the adoption of David’s Law. Through our efforts and with help from Maureen Molak (David’s mother) we went from no presence in the state in early 2017 to more than 100 small districts supported by end of year. Since then, we have grown materially in Texas and throughout the country. And while today we service some of the largest districts, our service model to small and medium districts (those supported by regional ESCs) has not wavered. Of the 300+ districts we serve today in Texas, 190 are sub 1,000 students. We support the needs of small districts and schools just as we do with the state’s largest districts.


Vendor Contact Information:


Nick Zema 

VP of Safety Solutions

Email: [email protected]

Ph: 732-334-7908


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