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Company Name:  Legacy Lockers 

Contract Title: Athletic Supplies & Equipment

Contract #:  TEXBUY RFP #023-002


Contract Term:  November 1, 2023, through October 31, 2024, with an option to extend for three additional one-year periods ending October 31, 2025, October 31, 2026, and October 31, 2027.



Products and Services:

As a company, Legacy Lockers has over 65 years of manufacturing experience in the woodworking and cabinet industry. We create custom lockers and furnishings for athletic facilities, band halls, hospitals, fire stations, police stations, country clubs, and fitness centers. We are a mass-producing manufacturer, but we have the ability to customize every project. We look to differentiate ourselves from other locker manufacturers by offering our clients more options in laminate selections, wood species, door styles, stains and finishes, locker accessories, and hardware options. Our focus is on quality and service while creating value for our customers. All of our lockers start from scratch, we can make your lockers just about any Height, Width, or Depth you need, we can work with any laminate manufacturer in the world (giving you thousands of colors and designs to choose from), and we have a slew of locking options to fit your needs.

It is our goal at Legacy Lockers to build the highest quality product, while putting the needs of our customers first. We are driven to be the locker manufacturer of choice, building a reputation of excellence.

The design of our lockers is also from the standpoint of durability and longevity. Our lockers come individually assembled in 1-wide towers. Some “manufacturers” try to cut corners by having shared walls and selling 3-wide lockers. This can cause major headaches in the future if one becomes damaged….damage 1 locker replace 3 locker towers. Our 1-wide lockers are all modular which makes them easier to ship, easier to unload, and easier to install.

We can also usea multitude of specialty raw materials if they are required like FSC certified materials, moisture resistant core, no added urea formaldehyde materials, even PVC core material for waterproof lockers. Lastly we can offer install of our lockers into your location. Just ask for install from your
sales person and we would be happy to serve you and make it a completely turnkey project.

We welcome your call to further discuss the specifications of your upcoming project and how Legacy Lockers can work towards filling your needs.

Vendor Contact Information:


James Esely

Phone: (214)466-1704

Email: [email protected]


Carlos Flores

Phone: (214)466-1719

Email: [email protected] 


Robb Sharp 


Phone: (214)466-1714

Email: [email protected]



Ordering Instructions:

As all projects are custom built from scratch, it is important that we discuss the needs of your project to make sure that what is quoted is exactly what you need. Oftentimes  this is a 5 minute phone call. After discussing, we will work up a quote very quickly (oftentimes the same day) for you to review. Once we receive a Purchase Order, we will work up elevation drawings in CAD and send them to you in PDF format to approve.

Our standard lead time is 8-10 weeks from “Release to Production” to “Ship Date”. In order to release your project to production we will need the following:
1. PO
2. Signed Submittal Drawings with all items defined (i.e. laminate color, numbering sequence(s), locking device, etc.

Once we have both items in house we can immediately order raw materials, release your project to production, and start the lead time clock.
Once the project is ready to ship, we will contact you to make sure that you are ready to receive your lockers and verify the on-site contact info prior to booking the truck. We also pay for a call 24 hours prior to delivery to the on site contact.
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