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Company Name:  Gilman Gear

Contract Title:  Athletic Supplies and Equipment 

Contract #:  TEXBUY RFP #019-002

Contract Terms:  November 1, 2019 through October 31, 2020 with the option to extend for three additional one year periods ending October 31, 2021, October 31, 2022, and October 31, 2023.

Products and Services:   Gilman Gear is the leading manufacturer of Football Training, Strength & Conditioning, and Game Day Equipment.  We have also expanded and introduced a new and innovated Lacrosse Line to our lineup. 

We are proud to celebrate our 90th year in business! You can’t stay in business that long unless you make an excellent product and have the support of loyal customers. We are blessed to have both! Our mission is to build quality products that stand the test of time. For coaches driven to pursue excellence on the game field, it’s logical for them to demand the same excellence on the practice field.

Players today are bigger, stronger and faster than ever before. Reducing “live” contact in practice is mandated across all levels of football. More than ever before, it’s critically important to have smart training tools that eliminate the need to go “live.” In 2015, Gilman introduced the Roll Tackle Ring which has become the most popular tool for teaching tackling. It has revolutionized the way tackling is taught in America!

Marty Gilman, founded the company in 1929.  Back then, the players were the dummies. Marty invented what became the basis of the industry; the blocking and tackling sleds, the pop-up dummy and the hand-held shield.  Today, the mission remains the same! Building the highest quality products and bringing the latest innovations to the Game!

“Always A Step Ahead” is more than a slogan. It’s how we run our business!

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Neil Gilman
Phone: 860-889-7334 ext 1980
Email: [email protected]

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