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Bobcat Company

Company Name:  Clark Equipment Company DBA Bobcat Company

Contract Title: Landscaping & Groundskeeping Equipment, Service & Supplies

Contract #: AEPA IFB #020-E

Contract Term:  March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021, with the option to extend for three additional one year periods ending February 28, 2022, February 28, 2023, and February 29, 2024.

Products and Services:  Bobcat Company leads the industry in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of compact equipment for construction, rental, landscaping, agriculture, grounds maintenance, government, utility, industry and mining. We strive to empower our customers to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

Bobcat Company has the most extensive compact equipment distribution network in the world. Some 1,000 independent Bobcat dealers back each and every piece of Bobcat equipment, serving customers thousands of local sales, service, parts and rental specialists. Bobcat dealers are known for their dedication to providing outstanding customer service to ensure long, reliable equipment performance.

 Products currently available on the contract are: Tractors, Utility Vehicles, Mini-Track Loaders, Small Articulating Loaders and Toolcats™:

Bobcat® Utility Tractors
Bobcat® equipment was born to work on a farm more than 60 years ago. Since then, our equipment has remained a constant presence on farms and ranches. With our new line of sub-compact and compact tractors ranging from 21 to 58 hp, Bobcat is coming back to our roots in a big way. These powerful, easy-to-use compact tractors deliver the legendary quality our construction and landscaping equipment is known for.
Bobcat® Toolcat™
It's several machines combined into one. Lift impressive loads, get more payload than a half-ton pickup truck, tow with added maneuverability, operate front-mounted attachments, and even use rear-mounted implements (5610). Perform a range of chores and tasks that cannot be matched by any other compact equipment. It'll quickly become your most versatile worker.
Bobcat® Mini Track Loaders
Bobcat® mini track loaders travel and work where other machines can’t. One worker can complete a variety of jobs in limited-access areas, reducing the need for wheelbarrows and shovels. Easily travel through gates, doorways or other narrow spaces. The lineup offers choices for walk-behind and ride-on styles.
Bobcat® Utility Vehicles
Bobcat utility products offer what you want most: dependable performance, uncompromising comfort, and the relentless passion to push through your most difficult work. Whether you’re at home taking care of your property or working at your jobsite to meet a tight deadline, you’ll take on demanding tasks without breaking a sweat.
Articulating Wheel Loaders
For landscaping, grounds maintenance, construction and tree service professionals who work in tight areas with finished surfaces, the new Bobcat small articulated loader delivers the best combination of heavy lifting capability and an agile, turf-friendly package, thanks to its nimble design and smooth-turning articulation joint, along with its heavy-duty performance, and industry-leading, productivity-boosting comfort

Ordering Instructions and Vendor Pricing:  Bobcat Company’s partnership with AEPA/TexBuy provides Bobcat® products, deeply discounted and available streamlined purchasing.  Please contact the Points of Contact listed below for more information

Vendor Contact Information:

Jesse Rheanult
Government Account Manager
Phone: 701-241-8759
Email: [email protected]

Alyx Schmitz
Sales Operating Specialist
(Quoting, Orders, etc.)
Phone: 701-241-1658
Email:[email protected] 

Vendor Website:  Visit for additional product information




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